We can learn so much from Mother Nature and today I had the privilege of experiencing her at her very best.

Meme is a young Blesbok, an antelope common in Southern Africa who was tragically orphaned at just three weeks old. She was found next to the body of her dead mother whom she had not left the side of since she passed away, it was believed, from natural causes.

Luckily for Meme, her second chance came in the form of Vera, a beautiful soul who dedicated months of her time and energy rehabilitating the heartbroken baby to full strength…

August 2021


This diary was written purely as a way to take my mind off being in quarantine and to make myself laugh. I am exceptionally grateful that I was able to travel this summer and that I am even able to pay for my quarantine hotel. Sending hope and love to all of those attempting to flee terrible conditions who would do anything to be safe in a hotel room such as the one I am in. Please consider donating to https://www.afghanaid.org.uk/ if you are able to.


My elation following a life changing summer in Zimbabwe came…

This is a tale about hard lessons learned. It is a story about love, in some form and about chances. Taking chances, or namely, not taking them.

Whilst I was studying at university, during my first year, I developed an enormous crush on a mutual friend of one of my school friends from London. I went to Leeds and there was a large haul of South West London school leavers who descended upon the city, only making the experience better. Not only were you constantly meeting new people but you also had the comfort of familiar faces from home at…

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the unwanted sexual attention that women have received from men over the years in alarming volumes. For anyone who read my recent piece on unsolicited dick pics, you will know that it is a topic that I find extremely troubling and sadly as we can see from the headlines of late, all too prevalent.

In theory, we all know that indecent exposure of the unwanted variety is completely unacceptable and abhorrent but the unfortunate reality is that with the rise of technology, dating sites and apps flooding our existence, it is growing…

Unsolicited Dick Pics — The Modern Day Flashing?

By Katy Lana Hall

In light of the conversations that have begun to surface this year since the tragic deaths of Nicole Smallman, Bibaa Henry and Sarah Everard and the emerging narrative of a fear of men, particularly unknown men that many women hold, I have been thinking a lot about my own unpleasant experiences with men over the years. One of the biggest reported failings by authorities in the Sarah Everard case was the failed investigation into an indecent exposure claim against Wayne Couzens, her murderer, in the weeks prior to…

I’m a sucker for nostalgia. In fact I’d probably say that my commitment to it along with my extreme sentimentality has at times been one of my biggest curses. Don’t get me wrong, I love to treasure important things and cherish significant memories and would never want to lose that but a few years ago it became patently clear that I needed to find a balance before I risked turning into Emily Dickinson.

My extreme nostalgia and sentimentality normally surfaces in three specific areas of my life — jobs, homes and romantic relationships. This is unsurprising given that society has…

On Grief

By Katy Lana Hall

It has been twelve months to the day since the most pain that I have ever felt in my life. During the past year I have often sat down to attempt to write about the experience but I have never been strong enough. Now, I think I am ready.

The first time I saw Otto he was in a photograph on a website for dog breeders and those looking for pets. His tiny body, that can’t have been longer than 15 cm was pictured, sitting next to a standard sized banana, presumably a prop…

Katy Lana Hall

Writing things and having a lovely time

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